BBC documentary tracks the search for missing Thornton Hough woman

By Mary Wells

On Monday night at 9pm BBC ONE’s Reported Missing series will explore the tragic case of elderly Thornton Hough woman, Jean Lloyd.

77 year old Jean left her home on Tuesday April 17 to take a bus to Neston where she had a doctor’s appointment. Fifteen years had passed since she had last made the eight mile journey alone, as normally she would have been given a lift by her son, Edward. However, he had recently been forced to give up driving for medical reasons.

Programme makers, Blast! Films, describe what happened next: “As evening approaches and Jean has not returned, Edward and family friend Vicky become increasingly anxious. As the days pass Sergeant Lisa Wilson spearheads a large-scale search for the pensioner, and there are revelations about Jean’s health and fitness. Bit by bit police manage to piece together CCTV, but it all takes time.

“As the investigation develops, Cheshire Police leave no stone unturned, calling in the services of Cheshire search-and-rescue volunteers, the National Police Air Service and the North West Police Underwater Search and Marine Unit.”

Sadly Jean was not found alive. Four days after her disappearance a body was discovered near to Sealand Army rifle range not far from Shotwick Lake. Jean’s family was informed and given support by specialist officers.

At the time, Inspector Dan Greenhalgh, Cheshire Police’s Critical Incident Manager, said: “At this stage we believe the body to be that of Jean and I understand the local community will be upset by this development.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the search, including members of the public.”