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The people have spoken! (But not on their O2 mobiles.)

By Mark Gorton at

A fortnight ago I was standing in the garden waving my mobile phone in the air. My mission? To attract a Tesco O2 signal strong enough to allow me to retrieve an important voice message.

As reception flickered between No Service and one bar and making a call remained impossible, I contemplated getting the step ladders out of the shed in the hope that enhancing my height above sea level would help.

When it started to rain I decided enough is enough, returned inside and used my landline to make a complaint to Tesco.

Because I live five minutes from the store where I signed up to Tesco O2, and just three minutes from an array of antennae that makes the Jug and Bottle look like the Wirral branch of GCHQ, I was perfectly prepared to believe my iPhone 5 was at fault.

Diagnosis was made – a new SIM was required – and, to be fair to Tesco, swiftly despatched.

It just as swiftly made no difference at all.

The Heswall Today carrier pigeon may have to be brought out of retirement if the O2 signal does not improve.

And so it came to pass that people who read Heswall Today’s Facebook page were asked for their O2 experiences.

There were many expressing similar, long standing dissatisfaction. Here are just a few:

Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to make contact.

This morning Heswall Today will try to make contact with O2 by landline and bring an update to dissatisfied customers, and perhaps some hope of a solution.